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Adaptive Support


Issues such as maternity, paternity or sick leave can have a significant effect on business. Oftentimes, you may find your legal team is stretched or understaffed in the event that key members of the work force are unavailable.

That’s where we come in. The stand-by service line allows you exclusive access to a consultant or team of consultants for a guaranteed time period, so you can have them on call as and when you need them. This means that you can budget for a maximum cost and be confident that if the amount of work fluctuates, the price will adjust accordingly.

How flexible can a quick fix be?


A multinational banking and financial services corporation needed support for its legal team over a 3-month period. The client had a full-time vacancy in Acquisition Finance, a highly technical post that cannot be filled easily.

In addition, one of the team was taking paternity leave for 6 weeks over the school summer holiday.

As a result the team was stretched in the lending services and structured finance business.

What we heard was that the client needed an on-call, dedicated lawyer – an exclusive extension to the team.


The advantage of a dedicated, flexible resourcing solution is that the client can budget for a maximum cost and be confident that if the amount of work fluctuates, the price would be adequately adjusted. The essence of Obelisk’s quality proposition is the one candidate recommendation, selected for a perfect fit.


The selected candidate was an alumna of the bank who had taken 10 years out.

The Obelisk consultant could fit in very quickly and did not require extensive training.

The contract ran over 3 months, carried out remotely and on the client’s IT system.

The work of the Obelisk lawyer work has been speedy, thorough and very helpful. We liked the fact that we paid for what we used only.

In the client’s words