Obelisk Support’s legal work for Kantar.

Legal support since 2010

Case study: Obelisk Support’s legal work for Kantar


  • Data and consulting company

  • 30,000+ employees worldwide 

  • M&A, data protection, employment and commercial contracts

  • Qualified lawyers and paralegals

  • Full-time, hybrid working pattern


As the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, Kantar underwent a major strategic restructuring. They needed experienced lawyers and paralegals at short notice to support the company’s ongoing transformation, fill gaps whilst building a full complement team and tackle the busy pipeline of acquisitions and disposals that made up their ambitious growth strategy.

Obelisk has supported the team with both paralegals and qualified lawyers, creating a dynamic, multi-talented team with expertise covering a wide range of sectors, including data protection, employment, M&A and commercial contracts.

Ivan, a senior corporate lawyer supporting Kantar with their M&A transactions, told us, “Working as a legal consultant is a wonderful model, letting you manage your own time, your own work-load, and devote your quality time to the things that really matter to you, both professionally and personally.”

Another of our in-role consultants, a paralegal at the start of her career, told us how welcoming and supportive Kantar has been and shared some of the benefits of her experience as a legal consultant. Also working on large M&A transactions, she explained, “I’ve been exposed to all different areas of commercial law and I’ve enjoyed applying my substantive knowledge through the practical aspects of working as a legal consultant. The experience so far has been great.”

Summary: Working with a progressive Group GC as part of an ongoing business transformation project, and supporting on corporate transactions and related commercial matters.

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