The legal support you need.

When you need it.

For Growing Businesses

Whether you’re facing a complex legal challenge, an overstretched team, or covering someone’s absence, we can help with legal support for your growing business.

With a pool of pre-vetted lawyers, general counsels, paralegals and specialists in niche areas of law, you can select your preferred legal consultant or assemble the team that suits your needs.

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Why work with Obelisk?

  • All our consultants, lawyers and paralegals are city-trained & pre-vetted.
  • Our proprietary matching platform matches
    you with the right legal professional.
  • We pioneer new ways of working to help our
    clients succeed.
  • We are committed to creating a more inclusive legal profession.
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Committed to high standards

We are a B Corp Certified™ organisation with a clear social-impact mission.

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Committed to fair living wages

We are committed to ensuring that everyone can earn a wage that meets their everyday needs.

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Committed to women in law

Obelisk Support is the only 100% female-founded and managed legal services provider in the UK.

How we can help you

For Enterprise Organisations

Free-up time to allow your internal team to focus on strategic projects

For In-house Legal Teams

Manage your costs and get that extra boost with tailored legal services support

For Growth Businesses

Our flexible legal support can help you navigate the unpredictable business landscape

What we offer

Interim Legal Team

If you’re experiencing a work overload our flexible legal professionals can help with anything from reviewing contracts to complex legal tasks.

Lawyer on demand

Whether your team is facing family leave, sickness, or just an increased workload, we’ve got you covered.


When you have a specific legal requirement, we assemble fully managed virtual teams with the right skills and experience for a fixed price. 


For scale-ups who may not have a legal team and need flexible legal resources on demand, our flexible legal professionals are here to help.

Our Legal Specialisms

M&A Lawyers

Major transactions & post acquisition

Document Review

Preparing, reviewing & amending

Commercial Lawyers

Contract drafting, review & negotiation

Employment Lawyers

Advice & documentation

Corporate Lawyers

+ Commercial Lawyers

Company Reporting

Company secretarial and governance

Data Protection Lawyers

Data privacy / GDPR specialists

Real Estate Lawyers

Commercial property legal

Construction Lawyers

Construction projects legal

IP Lawyers

Intellectual property legal support

Ascential Case Study

Case study: Smart legal services for Ascential

Smart decision-making is what the Ascential business model is all about, so it’s no surprise that their legal team have been ahead of the game when it comes to using flexible legal services as part of their legal operations strategy. With a portfolio of some of the world’s most respected insight brands, Ascential operates from 39 offices around the world and serves customers in 150 countries. Learn how Obelisk has helped the legal team be more agile and able to focus time on strategic projects that deliver impact and value.

Meet some of our consultants

For Growing Businesses FAQs

What is an alternative legal service provider?

Alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) are non-law-firm providers with purpose-built delivery services that deliver legal support work at a lower cost than traditional law firms. ALSPs are growing in popularity as businesses look for ways to access legal support quickly, effortlessly, and more cost-effectively in way that mirrors their organisations rapidly changing needs and helps them to remain agile while safeguarding against risk. ALSPs can offer several advantages over traditional law firms, including better value, increased flexibility, access to specialised expertise to handle more complex legal matters and support on time consuming regulatory tasks such as company reporting, compliance, and governance.

How can

YYY A growing business is one that is expanding in one or more ways. There is no single metric used to measure growth. Some common measures of growth include Increased sales Increased profits Increased number of customers Increased number of employees Increased geographic reach Businesses grow for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons for growth include: Increased demand for products or services New product or service offerings Improved marketing and sales efforts Increased efficiency and productivity Acquisition of other businesses Growing businesses face a number of challenges. Some common challenges include: Managing growth Maintaining quality control Financing growth Attracting and retaining employees Dealing with competition

Can I contact you about one-off projects and small pieces of work?

Absolutely. We understand that sometimes you have an urgent need for a specific piece of legal work to be delivered and we have the flexibility to turn that around as well as to provide on-going services or connect you with a consultant for a longer-term assignment.

Can you help with legal support around acquisition of other businesses?

When you need extra expertise on a deal, our pool of legal consultants can be an extension to your team – whether you’re an in-house lawyer on your own who needs more support, part of a small legal team or you don’t yet have in-house legal resource. Only lawyers and paralegals who have experience from both a top law firm and working in-house are eligible to join our community, meaning your services are delivered by people with the commercial savvy to deliver quality work at pace. We also provide post-acquisition support and have helped several organisations scale at speed, enabling their general counsel to remain focused on delivering strategic impact, hiring and shaping the ideal legal function to meet aggressive commercial goals. Whether a dedicated lawyer or a mixed team of paralegals, senior legal consultants and specialist legal expertise - trust Obelisk Support to ensure that during and after major transaction activity you have the right, quality legal expertise you need.

What areas of legal work do you support?

Typical areas our clients come to us for include: GDPR Advice and Privacy Policies; Commercial Contracts; Employment Contracts and Queries; IP Transfers and Protection; Customer/Supplier Disputes; Property Leases. Please do get in touch and we can see how we can support you in your growth aims.

Is Obelisk Support a law firm?

Obelisk Support is not a law firm, nor is it attached to a law firm and is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Do Obelisk Support lawyers only work from home?

No! Whilst many of our consultants work remotely, we can also provide you with lawyers who work in your offices or in hybrid working arrangements splitting their time between your offices and home.

How does insurance work?

Obelisk believes that the alternative legal services that we provide should offer the same peace of mind as a law firm, and so we hold comprehensive solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance to protect our clients. All of our legal professionals who do not hold their own policies are covered by this insurance. Full details of our insurance can be provided upon request.