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Conor Doherty

“Obelisk’s human touch and commitment to changing the way we approach work is one which provides clarity in the morass of competing ideas of work-life balance. The company ethos at Obelisk is one which not only aligns with my values but sticks out among the crowd to its clients. My role at Obelisk is to […]

Louisa Van Eeden-Smit

Louisa van Eeden-Smit

Marketing Director

“Obelisk Support has grown from strength to strength over the last decade, making the original vision to enable talented lawyers who want to work flexibly and still make a difference in the legal profession a reality. I’m looking forward to working with the Obelisk community to empower more lawyers and clients to work in ways […]

Chloe Cook

“I joined Obelisk Support as I value their human first approach and the emphasis placed on being a diverse, inclusive and forward thinking company. My role as a Client Projects Manager consists of supporting both the clients and consultants with onboarding to new projects and making sure everything runs smoothly.” Chloe brings with her a […]

Dan Ionta

Daniel Ionta

“The opportunity to be part of a team that is passionate to change the world of work not only inspires but is also a great privilege. In pursuit of this vision, my role at Obelisk is to inform the talent strategies that underpin our ambitious growth plan, by providing insights and building relationships with our […]

Hollie Rhodes

Hollie Rhodes

“I joined Obelisk Support as a Contracts Manager in September 2021, as their values and innovative approach to flexible working demonstrated to me that this was a 21st Century company that cared. Each day is different in the life of a contracts manager, and my day-to-day role entails producing the documentation for client and consultant […]