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Multilingual Support

Available across all of our Stand In, By and Out service lines, we are uniquely positioned to offer legal expertise across no fewer than 27 world languages. Our multilingual lawyer-linguists have the expertise to help you with:

Document review | Litigation support
Translation, proofreading, and transcribing legal documents

Can legal support switch from local to global?


A British banking and insurance holding company needed assistance with the set up of business after an acquisition.

They required the translation of complex credit agreements in 4 different languages into English.

What the client needed was a legal partner supporting them after investing in the new market until sales volumes were higher.

Nadya Kirichenko, Client Delivery Manager

Legal outsourcing can be a very delicate matter for confidentiality reasons alone, but to deliver it across foreign languages requires unique talent and absolute excellence. Localised legal linguists with deep knowledge of the subject matter is what makes Obelisk’s talent exceptional.


A project team was set up to work and complete the project across localised jurisdictions. We presented the client with a team of 16 lawyers coordinated by a Client Delivery Manager using the Stand BY model.

All 29 documents, totalling 296 translated pages, were delivered in batches so that the client could review them on an ongoing basis. The work was completed 50% faster than expected by the client. We charged per page as well as a maximum cap to ensure cost control for the client.

I’ve had an initial review of the translated documents we’ve received thus far and we are happy with the output produced.

In the client’s words