Your Obelisk Profile

It is better to travel well than to arrive


The first idea for Obelisk was born in India, March 2010. Our CEO Dana Denis-Smith travelled there from London to explore her next entrepreneurial idea.

At that time, many businesses were opting for the cheaper delivery model of outsourcing centres.

But between the crammed working conditions and the cost and effect of constantly flying managers out to oversee the quality of work, she began to question the validity of this working model.

  1. Why send work abroad if you can source it locally?
  2. What effect does this model have on people’s lives?
  3. What about all the talent and experience sat dormant in UK homes?

Such was the genesis of a simple idea.

A simple idea to work differently.

Upon her return to London she set up Obelisk with a talent pool, initially consisting of just four ex-City lawyers.

The name of the business was inspired by London’s oldest structure: the obelisk known as Cleopatra’s Needle.


It is a symbol of feminine power and its role in history. There was no better name to suggest solidity, vast, long-lasting experience and a significant change in the work culture.

Dana Denis-Smith / CEO