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Global Law Photography Competition

2020 Theme: Displacement

Developing the legal tools to uphold the rule of law matters to all members of the legal profession but in times of crisis, it is even more crucial that the entire legal profession rally to protect the most vulnerable in our society. That’s why all members of the legal profession, from law students to paralegals, judges to solicitors, are invited to join this effort and capture in photography what displacement means to them. They will shine a light on topics that deserve public attention. Now in its second year, the Global Law Photography Competition, organised by Obelisk Support, the London-based provider of flexible legal services, is now open for entries online. After the success of last year’s competition, which was won by Magdalena Bakowska of Hogan Lovells and highlighted the role of lawyers in fighting climate change, the subject of this year’s competition is displacement. The competition will be supporting and raising awareness for the work of Safe Passage, a charity that uses the law to support child refugees’ right to legal passage, and it is sponsored by LexisNexis UK. SEND YOUR PHOTOS BY EMAIL TO L.LATHAM@OBELISKSUPPORT.COM OR ENTER ONLINE HERE.  


2020 Global Law Photography Competition

2019 Global Law Photography Competition

Theme: Climate Crisis

In 2019, lawyers and law students turned to the power of photography to highlight the urgency of tackling the climate change emergency, entering a competition. The first Global Law Photography competition was won by Hogan Lovells senior associate Magdalena Bakowska, for a photograph depicting aridification in the Namib desert, Namibia. In second place was Law Society ‘Back to Law ambassador’ Camilla Bindra-Jones. Her photograph of three dead birds, arranged on stones, referenced the high number of bird deaths caused by extreme winds (volatile weather patterns being a feature of a changed global climate). Another Hogan Lovells associate, Lauren Bruce, was highly commended for her photograph of a disintegrating aeroplane in Iceland.