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This image was taken in October 2018 in the Mathere slum, Nairobi, Kenya. I choose this image as the women pictured here was the grandmother of a student at a local school who invited us to visit her shanty. We were visiting the Mathere slums, which has a population of 500K, with a local charity called MCF. Mathare is one of the oldest and the worst informal settlements in Africa. Teresa was proud and welcoming, and implored us to take her photo. Her conditions were dire and there is no manner in which we can fetishise her situation or that of her families, yet she spoke of her work as a cleaner and her grandchildren’s education proudly. By definition, Teresa and her family constitute internally displaced people. It’s difficult to speculate what circumstances bought her here but Kenya suffers from environmental issues such as droughts, and economic circumstances. Temporary and permanent workers commonly relocate to major cities for more opportunities to work and support their families.



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