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Remote Support


Sometimes our clients’ requirements stretch beyond mere legal experience and expertise. In specialised industries such as engineering, telecoms or construction, you may request an individual or team with not just the legal know-how, but real in-depth sector knowledge.

At times like these, we’re able to dip into our vast pool of resources to find the right person for the job. Given the ever-growing trend for out-of-office work, our dedicated lawyers and legal teams can work extremely efficiently and securely from remote locations, whether it’s for a secondment or for a fixed-term project. And for your further assurance, our Client Delivery team is responsible for project managing remote consultants and legal teams, ensuring a unified and high quality of work.

Can outsourcing speed up management decisions?


An international company providing subsea engineering services needed a lawyer with an in-depth understanding of the sector capable to set up contract templates.

The client problem was the lack of continuity between law and engineering expertise. They needed to find an alternative process to improve their business operations.

What was interesting about this brief is that we've been asked not only to find a specialist, but also suggest a better process of delivery.

- Nadya Kirichenko, Client Delivery Manager

When the client is after quality legal work delivered smoothly, but also taking on board knowledge built in the process, the standard outsourcing model is just not a solution. Part of Obelisk's unique offering is the understanding of processes and solutions, driven by specialised industries.


Obelisk’s delivery manager carried out a diagnostic to understand the current operational structure.

A simplified contractual cycle model was designed and proposed to the client.

A lawyer with strong industry knowledge was set up to work remotely for initial 3 months, which was extended.

“I wasn’t expecting the legal support company to make commercial decisions for us, but Obelisk changed the way we work”

- In the client’s words