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Our Latest Report

Women Who Will 2021

This year’s edition of our Women Who Will report, celebrating the progress of women’s leadership in law, in partnership with the Next 100 Years Project.

How tech-ready are you? Report 2021

How tech-ready are you?

How “tech-ready” are legal professionals?  Which “big tech” brand is #1 in legal work?  Who thinks they are “tech-smarter” — law firms or in-house teams?  Legal support staff vs GC’s, who is more “tech-overwhelmed”?  We asked 2,000+ legal professionals, read our report to find out the results.

How tech-ready are you? Report 2021

Tips for Home-schooling

Read our top tips for professionals balancing home-schooling alongside work. Tried and tested by our own Obelisk colleagues and their children  we hope these simple steps to surviving home-schooling help other working families.

Front cover of Obelisk tips for home-schooling

Festive Recipes

OK, it’s not a report but we’re pleased to share with you a selection of festive recipes contributed by our consultants and colleagues, produced to help everyone enjoy their festivities at home in 2020. (Published December 2020)

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Women Who Will 2020

Produced in association with The Next 100 Years to champion the talent and potential of women in law. (Published November 2020)

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Back in the swing of things

Read our guide for advice on coming back to work after furlough, informed by our experience of helping professionals return to work after a career break. (Published July 2020)

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Stories from The Attic

Read a selection of stories from our thinking space, The Attic, compiled to mark 10 years of changing the world of work for lawyers at Obelisk. (Published July 2020)

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Built to Last?
A blueprint for developing future-proof in-house teams

Download our report looking at the importance of people strategy to the future success of in-house legal teams. (Published April 2020)

Back to the future:
Reshaping law firm culture

Download our previous report, looking at the impact of culture on law firm performance and highlighting four key pillars of firms’ future success. (Published June 2019)

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