Planning for 2022: Prepare for the unexpected with flexible legal resources

As a business or law firm, you’re operating in a world of rapid and disruptive change. To ensure your organisation is not only resilient in the face of uncertainty, but also effective and profitable, you can’t just respond to today’s challenges. You must also plan ahead.

As we look to 2022, complexity and unpredictability remain on the horizon. Your organisation will need to make sure you have the legal resources to stay abreast of developments in the commercial and regulatory environment – both expected and unexpected.

One challenge (or opportunity, depending on your approach) is navigating the return to work. If your company plans to gradually reopen your workplace, you should consider how to reintegrate your employees in a safe and legally compliant manner. You may find that you need additional legal support to manage your compliance and statutory duties relating to health and safety, screening measures, remote work policies, refusals to return to work and more.

In the UK and Europe, Brexit continues to add complexity to the commercial and legal environment. Managing regulatory change is difficult enough. This task is made even more onerous and time-consuming as UK legislation diverges from that of the EU. For many in-house legal teams, re-papering projects are a drag on resources, taking time away from more value-adding strategic work.

Going into 2022, the need to respond to the climate crisis will continue to reshape the global economy. Building and maintaining a responsible and sustainable business has become a critical priority. With this new emphasis comes new responsibilities in this area to ensure your corporate behaviour is compliant, as regulatory pressure and scrutiny escalates.

Finally, data protection remains high on the regulatory agenda. Almost four years have passed since the introduction of the Data Protection Act 2018, and the data landscape continues to evolve. Do you have the resources required to manage ongoing developments in data protection regulation and best practice, such as the introduction of the Children’s code?

As your organisation prepares to meet these and other developments, tapping into the services of flexible, freelance lawyers and paralegals can help you manage additional workloads.

How flexible legal resources can help you prepare for the unexpected

Working with flexible legal consultants from Obelisk Support can help keep your organisation ahead of your growing obligations and enable you to minimise operating costs, mitigate risk and optimise the opportunities that change may bring. Leveraging the talent of our experienced lawyers and paralegals can give your busy legal team or business fast and efficient access to the following benefits:

#1 Pre-vetted experienced legal consultants:

Our network of more than 1,500 lawyers has been carefully hand-picked across more than 20 industry sectors to ensure that we have exactly the right talent for your project or needs. Our client Thomson Reuters notes that they have been “delighted” with the quality of our consultants and report that “Obelisk Support is a trusted partner that has helped us on many occasions to flex and scale to meet peaks in workload, manage projects and transactions, and cover temporary absences.”

#2 The freedom to be more agile with budget:

Opting Opting to use flexible legal consultants rather than hiring full-time permanent employees means you are not tied into fixed headcount costs.

#3 Immediate access to diverse legal skills

Our flexible legal consultants can immediately provide you with the specialised skills and expertise you require, as and when the need arises.

#4 The ability to flex and scale:

Our consultants can work onsite or remotely – or both. Whether you need cover for sick or parental leave, you’re facing peaks in your workload, or you need an extra pair of hands while you restructure or pivot your operations, we can help you to scale your legal resources up or down as needed.

According to our client, the Ocado Group, “Whether we have permanent staff out on leave, planned projects that we don’t want to distract the core team with or unforeseen new work, having a relationship with Obelisk means that we can quickly and easily increase our productivity in line with the business’s requirements.”

With Obelisk Support, you have flexible access to the world’s largest freelance legal team. Our consultants are typically City-firm trained and chosen for their in-house skills and experience. Over the past decade, we have grown to serve 35 of the FTSE100 companies, some of the UK’s leading law firms and many other businesses around the world.

As your organisation plans for the path ahead, making freelance legal resources part of your strategic roadmap can give you ready access to any additional skills and support you may need as new challenges and opportunities arise – in 2022 and beyond.

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