She Radio: First Decade in Business with Dana Denis-Smith

Dana Denis-Smith joins me this week for a special episode celebrating Women’s History Month where she shares with us her first decade in business and how she also found the time to create the First One Hundred Years, a project celebrated the centenary of women in law throughout 2019 and is followed by the Next 100 Years.

Dana is a serial entrepreneur, former lawyer and international journalist. In 2010, she founded Obelisk Support, a London-based alternative legal services provider built around flexible, highly- skilled ex-City lawyers. During this episode Dana shares how her childhood, contrasting careers and time in India inspired her to becoming an entrepreneur and what the first ten years in business has taught her.

“It’s about the methodology and the finish but then its also about how targeted you are and really at the end of the day — how motivated you are in seeing the goal being achieved, no matter how difficult it is to achieve it”

– Dana Denis-Smith

This week on She Rebel Radio :

  • Why she retrained as a lawyer whilst being a journalist.

  • How India has been a source of inspiration and place where her business ideas have been formed.

  • Why spotting the problem is not enough, it’s about distilling and creating powerful solutions.

  • How her passion for optimising and problem solving as well as people and disliking waste created a powerful business model for her.

  • Why she has never been afraid of failure and trusted whatever happened would make her a bigger and better person.

  • What inspired her (and how she found the time) to start the First 100 Years Project around her business and motherhood.

  • What is next for women and entrepreneurship and how she plans to continue to support women founders in the legal profession.

Additional Quote :

‘’The legal profession and journalism was such a contrast but it gave me a sharper focus of what I was good at. Sometimes it’s good to be a fish out of water as then you realise you like the water and where you can flourish ”

– Dana Denis-Smith


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