The legal support you need.

When you need it.

Our flexible legal services

Whether you’re facing a complex legal challenge, an overstretched team, or covering someone’s absence, we can help with our flexible legal services.

With a pool of pre-vetted lawyers, general counsels, paralegals and specialists in niche areas of law, you can select your preferred legal consultant or assemble the team that suits your needs.

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Why work with Obelisk?

  • All our consultants, lawyers and paralegals are city-trained & pre-vetted.
  • Our proprietary matching platform matches
    you with the right legal professional.
  • We pioneer new ways of working to help our
    clients succeed.
  • We are committed to creating a more inclusive legal profession.
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Committed to high standards

We are a B Corp Certified™ organisation with a clear social-impact mission.

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Committed to fair living wages

We are committed to ensuring that everyone can earn a wage that meets their everyday needs.

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Committed to women in law

Obelisk Support is the only 100% female-founded and managed legal services provider in the UK.

What we offer

Interim Legal Team

If you’re experiencing a work overload our flexible legal professionals can help with anything from reviewing contracts to complex legal tasks.

Lawyer on demand

Whether your team is facing family leave, sickness, or just an increased workload, we’ve got you covered.


When you have a specific legal requirement, we assemble fully managed virtual teams with the right skills and experience for a fixed price. 


For scale-ups who may not have a legal team and need flexible legal resources on demand, our flexible legal professionals are here to help.

Our Legal Specialisms

M&A Lawyers

Major transactions & post acquisition

Document Review

Preparing, reviewing & amending

Commercial Lawyers

Contract drafting, review & negotiation

Employment Lawyers

Advice & documentation

Corporate Lawyers

+ Commercial Lawyers

Company Reporting

Company secretarial and governance

Data Protection Lawyers

Data privacy / GDPR specialists

Real Estate Lawyers

Commercial property legal

Construction Lawyers

Construction projects legal

IP Lawyers

Intellectual property legal support

Ocado Case Study

Case study: Ocado

Ocado is the world’s biggest online-only grocery platform. Pioneering technology combined with customer focus have led to the company being poised to make a dramatic difference to the shopping habits of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, both through their own brand and by providing solutions and technology to retailers across the globe. With the company prioritising the development of their own IP, entering into new joint ventures and continuing the pace of innovation, Ocado’s legal team needs to be agile, expert and ready for anything.

Meet some of our consultants

Flexible Legal Services FAQs

Do Obelisk Support consultants only work from home?

No! Whilst many of our consultants work remotely, we can also provide you with consultants who work in your offices or work their days across both locations.

Can I contact you about one-off projects and small pieces of work?

Absolutely. We understand that sometimes you have an urgent need for a specific piece of legal work to be delivered and we have the flexibility to turn that around as well as to provide on-going services or connect you with a consultant for a longer-term assignment.

Where is the best place to find lawyers in London?

To find lawyers that can support your business as and when you need them, the quickest and easiest option is working with a legal service provider such as Obelisk Support. Using our proprietary matching online matching technology we connect businesses with lawyers who are looking for flexible work. This can be a good option if you are looking for a lawyer on a budget or if you need a lawyer quickly. We also recommend talking to other organisations in your industry to see if they have any recommendations for hiring lawyers on demand and accessing flexible legal support and asking for referral from friends, family, and colleagues. Finding a freelance or consultant lawyer can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! By following these tips, you can find a lawyer who meets your needs and budget - get in touch to see how we can help.

Is Obelisk Support a law firm?

Obelisk Support is not a law firm, nor is it attached to a law firm and is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

How could I let my legal team be more productive?

Let the UK’s largest quality freelance legal team deliver the work you need, when you need it. Working with us helps you deliver strategic impact, remain proactive and manage your costs, whether you’re in a business or a law firm. Plus, you’re championing flexible working, helping us keep great talent in the industry and developing your supplier diversity.

Do I get to see the lawyer cv before I work with them?

Yes! Depending on how much input you wish to have in the resourcing process, you can opt to see CVs before working with our lawyers or trust us to find the right technical skills and cultural fit to meet your demands. It’s your choice!

Is Obelisk an alternative legal service provider?

Yes, Obelisk Support is an alternative legal service provider (ALSP). ALSPs are companies that provide legal services to businesses and law firms. They typically offer a range of services, such as secondment covers, legal consultants, paralegal support, contract review, document review and legal project support. Obelisk Support was founded in 2010by Dana Denis-Smith. The company has a legal consultant pool of thousands of talented, lawyers and paralegals. Many of our lawyers are City-trained with in-house experience. Our legal consultants, freelance lawyers and paralegals work in-house, in private practice and to support growing businesses. Our freelance lawyers, paralegals, legal consultants and in-house paralegals work remotely or in hybrid arrangements with some days working from home, others from your offices. They are available to work part-time or full-time for set periods of time, and can work flexibly - by the hour or by the day or on a set project. We tailor the support you need to your business and budget. Our clients include some of the world's largest companies, including 35% of the FTSE100 as well as many growing businesses and several law firms. ALSPs are becoming increasingly popular as organisations look for new ways to meet regulatory changes, increasing reporting and governance requirements and more stakeholder and shareholder scrutiny in an affordable way that safeguards their organisation from reputational risk. ALSPs offer a number of advantages over traditional law firms, including: Value: ALSPs are typically more cost-effective than traditional law firms. This is because they do not have the same overhead costs, such as office space Flexibility: ALSPs offer a more flexible working model than traditional law firms. This is because they typically have a team of lawyers and paralegals who work remotely or in hybrid work arrangements who work part-time, full time for a set period, by the hour, by the day or to complete a discrete project in a given time-frame. This flexibility can be beneficial for businesses that need legal services on an ad hoc basis. Expertise: ALSPs can offer a high level of expertise in specific areas of law such as data protection and privacy matters, IP (intellectual property), compliance and governance; experience and best practice in a specific sector such as construction, insurance, banking and finance, media and telecomms or generalist expertise across corporate and commercial matters including company reporting; contract drafting, review and negotiation; completing NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and MSAs (Master Service Agreements) and Company Secretarial tasks. If you require flexibility, speed and value - you should consider an ALSP.

What is the Obelisk Community?

Only lawyers and paralegals who have experience from both a top law firm and working in-house are eligible to join our community, meaning your services are delivered by people with the commercial savvy to deliver quality work at pace.

Do you work on multilingual legal projects?

We have lawyers who can work in 27 languages, covering you for document review, translation, proof-reading and legal support.

How does insurance work?

Obelisk believes that the alternative legal services that we provide should offer the same peace of mind as a law firm, and so we hold comprehensive solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance to protect our clients. All of our legal professionals who do not hold their own policies are covered by this insurance. Full details of our insurance can be provided upon request.