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Whether you’re facing a complex legal challenge, an overstretched team, or covering someone’s absence, our lawyers on demand are ready to fill the gaps.

With a pool of pre-vetted lawyers, general counsels, paralegals and specialists in niche areas of law, you can select your preferred legal consultant or assemble the team that suits your needs.

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Why work with Obelisk?

  • All our consultants, lawyers and paralegals are city-trained & pre-vetted.
  • Our proprietary matching platform matches
    you with the right legal professional.
  • We pioneer new ways of working to help our
    clients succeed.
  • We are committed to creating a more inclusive legal profession.
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Committed to high standards

We are a B Corp Certified™ organisation with a clear social-impact mission.

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Committed to fair living wages

We are committed to ensuring that everyone can earn a wage that meets their everyday needs.

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Committed to women in law

Obelisk Support is the only 100% female-founded and managed legal services provider in the UK.

What we offer

Interim Legal Team

If you’re experiencing a work overload our flexible legal professionals can help with anything from reviewing contracts to complex legal tasks.

Lawyer on demand

Whether your team is facing family leave, sickness, or just an increased workload, we’ve got you covered.


When you have a specific legal requirement, we assemble fully managed virtual teams with the right skills and experience for a fixed price. 


For scale-ups who may not have a legal team and need flexible legal resources on demand, our flexible legal professionals are here to help.

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How we help BT with flexible working

BT is one of the world’s largest communications companies. The organisation was an early adopter of Obelisk’s smart legal team support, and in the last seven years, we have delivered more than 19,000 hours of legal services. We’ve covered commercial, real estate, banking & finance, environment, legal translation and project work.

Meet some of our consultants

Lawyer on Demand FAQs

What are lawyers on demand?

Lawyers on demand are lawyers who work flexibly and control the hours they work make themselves available to support businesses, corporate legal teams, law firms and any organisations who need support on an ongoing basis as needed. This allows buyers to have access the same lawyer on a regular basis, within a set framework and timescale, thus providing continuity and flexibility. Lawyers on demand can help you control your costs by managing peaks in your team’s workload. Our lawyers can support you with specific projects, such as document automation initiatives or work alongside you to directly support your procurement or commercial teams.

Do Obelisk Support consultants only work from home?

No, Obelisk Support consultants do not only work from home. Some work from home, while others choose to work from a co-working space, or from a client's office full or part-time. The choice of where to work is agreed between our lawyers and clients based on their individual preferences and needs. Obelisk Support offers a flexible working model that allows consultants to work the hours that suit them best. This flexibility is one of the reasons why Obelisk Support is so popular with lawyers and paralegals who want to have more control over their work-life balance.

Are lawyers on demand full-time employees?

A lawyer on demand typically looks for more flexible assignments and client variety. Lots of lawyers use Obelisk Support to work around their family or other commitments and to supplement their existing schedule. Where working full-time is a client requirement on cover or a project, this is usually for a shorter, set period of time allowing our lawyers to manage their schedule more flexibly.

What technology set up does a lawyer on demand need?

A lawyer on demand should set themselves up as a minimum with a laptop, fully update and with security settings in place to make it a safe working environment. Most buyers would expect a Lawyer on Demand to be a competent user of Microsoft software, whilst some might use on Google systems and require legal technology knowledge although they would provide the necessary training if so.

Do you offer lawyer on demand remote legal services?

Yes! A remote Lawyer on Demand is a very common type of legal service that buyers plug and play to manage their fluctuating volumes of work. At Obelisk Support we believe that flexible working is a vital ingredient to attracting and retaining talent in the legal profession. When our lawyers provide cover - whether for a day or for a year or more, they can work remotely or in a hybrid working arrangement We’re excited to work not just with in-house teams but also law firms to make flexible careers work for more and more lawyers each year while offering our clients new ways of working to help you to be proactive, manage wellbeing in your team, cost-effectively manage peaks and troughs in your workload and provide help on those unexpected and unusual requests that cross your desk!

How do I hire a solicitor on demand?

Solicitors make up a lot of our virtual workforce, so please do get in touch and we can see where our virtual solicitors can help you.

How does insurance work?

Obelisk believes that the alternative legal services that we provide should offer the same peace of mind as a law firm, and so we hold comprehensive solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance to protect our clients. All of our legal professionals who do not hold their own policies are covered by this insurance. Full details of our insurance can be provided upon request.