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Paralegal support for you

Whether you’re facing a legal challenge, an overstretched team, or covering someone’s absence, we can help with cost-effective paralegal support. 

Our pre-vetted pool of paralegals are carefully selected for their previous experience, proactive attitude and commitment.

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Why work with Obelisk?

  • All our consultants, lawyers and paralegals are city-trained & pre-vetted.
  • Our proprietary matching platform matches
    you with the right legal professional.
  • We pioneer new ways of working to help our
    clients succeed.
  • We are committed to creating a more inclusive legal profession.
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Committed to high standards

We are a B Corp Certified™ organisation with a clear social-impact mission.

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Committed to fair living wages

We are committed to ensuring that everyone can earn a wage that meets their everyday needs.

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Committed to women in law

Obelisk Support is the only 100% female-founded and managed legal services provider in the UK.

What we offer

Interim Legal Team

If you’re experiencing a work overload our flexible legal professionals can help with anything from reviewing contracts to complex legal tasks.

Lawyer on demand

Whether your team is facing family leave, sickness, or just an increased workload, we’ve got you covered.


When you have a specific legal requirement, we assemble fully managed virtual teams with the right skills and experience for a fixed price. 


For scale-ups who may not have a legal team and need flexible legal resources on demand, our flexible legal professionals are here to help.

Wind turbines

Case study: BII Group

British International Investment, formerly CDC, invests up to £2 billion every year in green infrastructure, technology and other sectors. The organisation has been growing rapidly – and so has its workload. Obelisk helped to build a flexible, mixed-ability team that could support the expanding legal team in periods of high demand and allow them to focus on the organisation’s core role of investment support.

Meet some of our consultants

Paralegal Support FAQs

What is a paralegal?

A paralegal, also known as a legal assistant, is a professional who works in the legal field and provides support to lawyers and law firms. Paralegals are trained to assist with various legal tasks under the supervision of an attorney. While paralegals play a vital role in legal support, they are not authorized to practice law, provide legal advice, or represent clients independently.

Do Obelisk Support paralegals only work from home?

No! Whilst many of our paralegals work remotely, we can also provide you with in-house paralegals and freelance paralegals to support law firms who work in your offices or split their days between home and your offices.

How experienced are your paralegals?

Obelisk Support paralegals have a range of experience working with legal teams in-house and supporting busy law firms across a variety of projects. Our paralegals are self-starters and able to manage their own time effectively.

I am looking for freelance paralegals near me

With 10 years of experience in providing best-in-class legal talent, you can rest assured that Obelisk flexible paralegals are carefully selected for their previous experience, proactive attitude and commitment.

Can paralegals help me with document review?

Yes! Our clients engage our paralegals to help with: reviewing, amending and drafting documents and contracts; regulatory investigation; compliance tasks; legal research and triaging legal workflow to name a few ways they can help your organisation.

Do you have multilingual paralegals?

Yes. Please do get in touch with the specifics of what you need and we will do our best to match you with one of our multilingual paralegals.

What legal sectors do your paralegals work in?

Sectors we operate in include: banking, financial services, retail, e-commerce, utilities and energy, construction, legal (law firms), manufacturing, mining, media and telecoms & IT and hospitality

Is Obelisk Support a law firm?

Obelisk Support is not a law firm, nor is it attached to a law firm. It is termed an alternative legal service provider and is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

How does insurance work?

Obelisk believes that the alternative legal services that we provide should offer the same peace of mind as a law firm, and so we hold comprehensive solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance to protect our clients. All of our legal professionals who do not hold their own policies are covered by this insurance. Full details of our insurance can be provided upon request.

Do you have in-house paralegals?

Yes! Many of our assignments are with corporate legal teams looking for additional support on an ad hoc basis and this is a very good way for paralegals to learn about commerciality and how legal supports the wider organisation.

Can I contact you about one-off projects and temporary paralegal services?

Absolutely. We understand that sometimes you have an urgent need for a specific piece of legal work to be delivered and we have the flexibility to turn that around as well as to provide on-going services or connect you with a consultant for a longer-term assignment.