Ralph: Financial Services Lawyer

Ralph is an experienced lawyer who has worked in a number of different organisations, but specifically in retail financial services. He is a specialist in consumer credit and (consumer facing) payments services/payments regulation. He has also worked in private practice and in-house at the FSA, Barclays, Harrods Bank and Lloyds. Here, he shares his insights on recent experiences as an Obelisk consultant.

Can you describe your work experiences through Obelisk?

It has been varied and enjoyable. Working through Obelisk has given me access to high-quality work while keeping the administrative side seamless and efficient.

What makes your expertise unique?

My key specialisms are consumer credit and payment services, which are regarded as fairly niche areas, though I also provide general financial regulatory and commercial advice.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of flexible working as a lawyer?

For me, the greatest benefit has been the ability to work from home and occasionally, even while on the move.

The most challenging?

The availability of work can fluctuate, with quiet periods followed by several requests for advice at the same time!

What are your proudest professional and personal achievements so far?

Professionally, the most memorable experience was setting up the legal department in a private bank and revamping their legal documentation and processes. Personally, I would have to say building the UK’s first prefabricated passive house, though it went up too quickly to be featured on Grand Designs!

How do you find the right work/life balance?

Particularly when working from home, I have learned to switch off, both physically and mentally, during non-working hours.

What are your words of advice to other legal consultants?

Be open-minded about the kinds of work you take on and don’t be afraid to jump in at the deep end.

How do you start and end your day?

Start with an oat milk (Barrista Oatly) latté and end with a Scotch whisky…

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Feline telepathy, so that I could find out what our cat really thinks of me!

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