Sandra: Experienced Litigator

Introducing Sandra

Sandra is an experienced litigator primarily within insurance and professional negligence with significant experience in commercial banking. Sandra has proven experience in managing and leading projects, in addition to working with and influencing senior leadership, key stakeholders and senior counterparties.

Can you describe your experience of working through Obelisk?

I have completed two assignments with Obelisk and on both occasions I felt very supported right from the point of applying for the assignment, through to when the assignment ended.  I have always felt that Obelisk considers the consultant relationship is just as important as the client relationship.

What makes your expertise unique?

I consider myself to be a very practical lawyer, which I credit to a supervisor who always encouraged me to look outside the box when trying to deal with a tricky matter.  I feel that this has helped me achieve some really good results in my career.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of flexible working as a lawyer?

Working as a legal consultant has opened me to industries and roles that I would have struggled to get into as a permanent employee.  But by far the best part is being able to have control over when I work, which is so important to me whilst my children are little.

What’s the most challenging?

The obvious downside is not being able to predict what might be happening after the assignment comes to an end and how long you might have to wait until the next suitable role comes along.  Saying that, since becoming a legal consultant, there hasn’t been any shortage of work!

What are your proudest professional and personal achievements so far?

My parents grew up in Hong Kong and only received a very basic education so for me to have gone to a have obtained a law degree and qualified as solicitor is already a big deal for my family.

Obviously still a work in progress but to see my children grow up to be kind, decent, happy people will be my proudest personal achievement.

How do you find the right work/life balance?

It isn’t easy, but a very wise colleague once told me “there is always tomorrow” so unless something really can’t wait until the next day, I try to log off within normal work hours.

What are your words of advice to other legal consultants?

Don’t be afraid of trying something new, your skills and experiences are more transferrable than you think.

How do you start and end your day?

My day always starts with my daughter running into my bedroom and waking me up, and it ends with me cleaning and tidying up (that Lego gets everywhere). If I’m lucky, I might get an hour of TV in.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation.  It would be wonderful to get to places in the world that I can only ever dream of seeing.

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