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Intellectual Property / IP Protection Lawyers

It pays to have lawyers on hand with the experience and knowledge you need to pursue your commercial strategy.

That’s why we can provide expert IP lawyers on flexible contracts or as part of an interim team who have worked with some of the largest law firms and organisations to boost your legal department.

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Why work with Obelisk?

  • All our consultants, lawyers and paralegals are city-trained & pre-vetted.
  • Our proprietary matching platform matches
    you with the right legal professional.
  • We pioneer new ways of working to help our
    clients succeed.
  • We are committed to creating a more inclusive legal profession.
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What we offer

Interim Legal Team

If you’re experiencing a work overload our flexible legal professionals can help with anything from reviewing contracts to complex legal tasks.

Lawyer on demand

Whether your team is facing family leave, sickness, or just an increased workload, we’ve got you covered.


When you have a specific legal requirement, we assemble fully managed virtual teams with the right skills and experience for a fixed price. 


For scale-ups who may not have a legal team and need flexible legal resources on demand, our flexible legal professionals are here to help.

Our Legal Specialisms

M&A Lawyers

Major transactions & post acquisition

Document Review

Preparing, reviewing & amending

Commercial Lawyers

Contract drafting, review & negotiation

Employment Lawyers

Advice & documentation

Corporate Lawyers

+ Commercial Lawyers

Company Reporting

Company secretarial and governance

Data Protection Lawyers

Data privacy / GDPR specialists

Real Estate Lawyers

Commercial property legal

Construction Lawyers

Construction projects legal

IP Lawyers

Intellectual property legal support

Meet some of our consultants

Intellectual Property / IP Protection Lawyers FAQs

What is an IP lawyer?

An IP lawyer, or intellectual property lawyer, specialises in safeguarding creators' rights by navigating patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret regulations. Patent lawyers secure exclusive rights for inventions, while trademark lawyers protect distinctive symbols. Copyright lawyers manage literary and artistic works' protection, and trade secret lawyers safeguard confidential business information. IP litigators handle disputes involving intellectual property infringement. Whether in law firms or corporations, these lawyers ensure clients' intellectual assets are legally protected in accordance with UK regulations.

Why is a freelance IP lawyer a good way to resource your project team?

Intellectual Project can be project-based and often requires a level of narrower specialism, for example with music or for creative arts. Depending on the nature of the project, a freelance IP lawyer can be a good way to secure much more specialist expertise for the duration of the project rather than more general legal support you may have in place already.

Does Obelisk Support offer IP litigation lawyers?

Yes. Litigation is a rather specific role more widely used as a term in the United States. But yes we do have specific, pre-vetted litigation lawyers on our books.

How much does an IP lawyer cost?

A flexible IP lawyer on demand is a great way to save money on an IP Lawyer, as you employ that lawyer for a fixed term or for a fixed project. The cost depends on many things from the size of the project and the specialism. Do please give us a call.