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Celebrating during the Jubilee holiday weekend


The UK celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with an extra-long bank holiday weekend from the 2 to 4 June. Here’s our pick of ideas for how to use some of this celebratory free time for you.

#1 Make (and eat) the Platinum Pudding


Requiring you to make your own amaretti biscuits and serving 20, the award-winning Platinum Pudding truly is a labour of love. Luckily this recipe has plenty of shortcut suggestions, starting with halving the quantities…If you attempt this, please send us a picture of the finished result!

#2 Try some new ways of relaxing


If the pace of life is getting to you as we learn to live with C-19, experiment with some new ways to unwind. Learn from some of our community about reiki, mindfulness and other tips for looking after your wellbeing.

#3 Ride the new Elizabeth line


OK, this one only works if you’re near London, but if you are, what are you waiting for? See the results of all the amazing effort that went into Crossrail for yourself, including the lift that goes up the escalator and the beautiful architecture in the new tunnels.

#4 Get out into nature


Doesn’t matter if it’s a local field or the park round the corner, spending time in any green space has been shown to have a positive impact on our mental health. Rain or shine, spending some time in nature is a great way to feel like you’ve had a break with no travel needed.

#5 Get going on LinkedIn


So many of our consultants tell us that they don’t have time to do as much on LinkedIn as they’d like. Well here’s some time! Find our useful tips and tricks to get you started here.

#6 Dip into the Daily Deal


You’ll need a Kindle or the Kindle app for this one. Check out the Daily Deal in the Books section of Amazon and try something new for £1.99 or less. There’s only six books a day to choose from, so it’s a quick lucky dip and an easy way to get outside of your comfort zone and experiment with a new genre or author.

#7 Celebrate some other amazing women who’ve made history


The First 100 Years project, sponsored by Obelisk, has an amazing library of videos from pioneering women from the legal industry. Enjoy learning from the career stories of the likes of Dame Linda Dobbs DBE, Baroness Hale and Dame Rosalyn Higgins GBE QC, and many other first women in law.

#8 Invest in the future


This article is a fascinating overview of how our financial lives have changed over the course of the last 70 years. Take a stake in the next 70 by starting a new savings account, committing to a charity pledge or planting something – in your garden or local community.

#9 Dress for dinner


Channel your inner royal and dress up for dinner, whether you’re eating at home or a restaurant. After all that time over the pandemic in T-shirts and joggers, leave the elastic waistband behind and wear the things you save for best.

#10 Find space for reflection


Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. Carve out half an hour to try meditation and find some inner peace. This article is a great introduction and includes a one minute guided meditation to get you started.


Enjoy yourself!

However you choose to spend your time over the Jubilee weekend, make the most of the break!


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