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A new resource for in-house counsel


We’re really excited to be partnering with Crafty Counsel on this initiative to help in-house lawyers find the best ways of delivering results for their businesses. As one of the very first “alternative” service providers, we are passionate about helping in-house legal teams use talent and technology in new ways, creating a world where people flourish at work and in their lives outside work.”

Dana Denis-Smith, CEO, Obelisk Support

We are really proud to be partnering with Crafty Counsel on their game-changing guide to alternative legal services for in-house legal!

Aiming to bring clarity to a complex area of the legal world, Crafty Counsel’s (A)LSP Circuit Board connects the components to help in-house legal teams creatively solve their problems. Featuring a dynamic map of the Alternative Legal Service Provider (or New Law) landscape and powerful ‘category finder’ tool.

Keep an eye out next year as we’ll be working together to bring more insights and knowledge on this area for in-house legal teams, with more exciting content and events.

Explore the (A)LSP Circuit Board here.